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Meet the Brand

Vinvera is the newest project from Vinda Tanuhadi, owner and creator of Beyond Scarf. In fact, Vinvera as a concept came first — much before Beyond Scarf was created. Due to several circumstances, in 2014 Vinda launched Beyond Scarf first, instead of Vinvera. After a long journey, it is now Vinvera's turn to shine.


Vinvera operates under a unique concept: Design and Collaboration. Vinvera aspires to work with artists in Calgary and elsewhere; creating accessories that go beyond functionality.  Each collaboration will have a specific concept and style, which will be extensively workshopped by Vinvera and participating artists.  


For its first scarf collection, Vinvera wanted to create something that represents the project's core values and ideas. This design was created with Scottish scarf designer Helen Ruth. Helen has beautifully captured Vinvera's vision and idea into this scarf design, which Vinda named "Dreams of Butterflies"
To learn more, visit Vinvera's website


You would like this brand if you… love and support Vinvera aspiration to give artists a voice, and an opportunity to have their designs printed on a luxury scarf.


Design and Collaboration

- Vinvera, Designer

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