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Comunque... The Italian expression for ‘anyway’. One thing is being concluded while another is about to start. Conclusions are made and new actions follow on...



Ilse Meester, the designer behind Comunque… studied Italian language and literature at the university of Amsterdam, but fashion and design had always had her interest from when she was young. Her mother, being a bridal dressmaker, taught her different needlework such as embroidery, knitting and bobbin lace. These handicrafts formed her rather classic sense of fashion. For Comunque…, Ilse creates 2 collections a year, in collaboration with design studios, photographers and artists.



Comunque... is a brand of fashion accessories: luxury scarves designed and made with love for the product itself and the people who wear it. The use of natural materials gives a feeling of comfort, of beauty, of luxury and the wide range of designs and colours creates the possibility to express your personality in a subtle way. All their products are being produced in a responsible way.



You would like this designer if you… prefer natural materials and enjoy scarves that are easy to wear for your everyday activities, while remaining stylish and classy.

We believe in using natural materials to give a feeling of comfort, beauty, and luxury.

- Comunque, Designer

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