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Meet the Brand

Pig, Chicken & Cow are as eccentric as the name might suggests. Their designs boast an alluring combination of skulls, hyper realistic animal and plant life--all displayed in psychedelic colour combinations.

Designers Shan Jiang and Ying Wu started this little pet project in 2010. They truly abhorred the developed monotony of regular patterns and consistent results, which means their collections are each independent cacophonies of colour and chaotic art. Both armed with esteemed pedigrees from renown art institutions, their combined experience and dovetailing visions means that their design ideals come to fruition in a very compelling manner.

Now based in London, they source their silks from quality artisans and invest in the handfinished options to provide a truly unique experience in every purchase.

You would like this designer if you… enjoy sticking out from the crowd with displays of eccentric art draped around your neck. Bonus if you’re familiar and/or interested in Ukiyo-e, manga, Durer, Bauhaus, and Chinese Meticulous Art, as these are the spouts of inspiration for the designers.

We're influenced by skyscrapers, bungalows, contemporary concepts and traditional superstitions.

- Pig, Chicken and Cow, Designer

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