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Born to a family of painters and musicians, Enora Antoine has a passion for fabrics, pearls, and colours from a very young age. She likes jewellery; this little, intimate object that is filled with emotions, images, symbols, and meaning. Her background as an ex-clinical psychologist, combined with her sense of true beauty and her high sensitivity drives her to understand the person who is going to wear her creations.


Choosing to focus exclusively on jewellery-making, she trained in Brussels, Florence, London, and Paris. She was a laureate of the ‘Prize for the Best Artisan of Brussels’ and the Gustave Boël-Sofina Grant for her handicraft, awarded by the King Baudouin Fondation, a testimony to her dedication and the excellence of her work.


Each piece by Enora is engraved with two marks. One is her mark, recognised by La Monnaie Royale de Belgique, the other being an indication of the purity of the precious metals. Her creations, which are unique handcrafted work, are the outcome of a meticulous practice guided by an ancestral and complex know-how of the art of the jeweller.


Revisiting the classic by adding authenticity and a contemporary touch is Enora Antoine’s vision. Authenticity, quality, and passion are what motivates her in her work. Clean lines, poetry, and romanticism are her signature.



You would like this designer if you… enjoy fine, handcrafted jewellery with a contemporary, minimalist elegance.

Authenticity, quality, and passion are what motivates me. Clean lines, poetry, and romanticism are my signature.

- Enora Antoine, Designer

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