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Meet the Brand

Helen Greensmith is the brainchild behind the Helen Ruth brand. She is a designer guided by her childhood fairy tales and the dark folk lore that lurks in rural Aberdeenshire, where she grew up. Her creations are fantastical combinations of everyday creatures and settings (sheep, grassy, Scottish moors) drawn with a controlled chaos of colour and postures.

A top class graduate of Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, Helen uses her training to add the little details, map layouts, and choose the most riotous colours to bring the scenes in her scarves to life. Proudly Scottish, it only made sense for her to ensure that her scarves were produced locally. And with the use of digital printing, Helen has ensured that the true hues of her planned designs are presented properly on their fine, silken canvases (sourced from Como, Italy).

You would like this designer if you… favour feminine designs cut with an edgy flare. Bonus points if you enjoy hand-drawn design elements, and representations of fairy tales reimagined.

I want every single piece to say "remember me."

- Helen Ruth, Designer

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