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Meet the Brand

A house of scarves based in Bordeaux, France, brings poetry to its scarves. For over 20 years now, Maison Petrusse has been steadily building a name for itself within the luxury scarf community. With diversity in materials, patterns, colours, and designs, each scarf tells a story.



Each collection becomes an enchanted world full of wonder, harmony, and dreams. Maison Petrusse is known for creating beautiful stoles, chèches crafted on jacquard looms or with the hands of expert weavers. The stoles are unique and chic, allowing the wearer to wear the history of Petrusse poetry.



You would like this brand if you… appreciate classic designs and have an affinity for timeless luxury. Maison Petrusse’s work is a symphony of colours, fabrics, and history, intertwined together using either age old traditions of weaving or silk screen printing.

When you wear a Petrusse scarf, you are wearing an entire tradition of scarf making.



Bring poetry to scarves.

- Petrusse, Designer

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