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On a planet that is home to countless cultures and 6,500 spoken languages, there are few things that can be universally translated. But one concept that is always understood is this:

A thing that is handmade is a thing that is made with love.

Josephine Komara, the renowned Indonesian textile designer and the creator of BINHouse Indonesia Creation (commonly known as Obin,) would certainly agree.

Obin is credited in part with leading the movement to modernize batik designs. While she modestly refers to herself as a tukang kain, or vendor of cloth, many call her a national treasure for her passion and for not allowing batik to become a thing of the past.

Enchanted by the craftsmanship of vintage batik pieces and afraid that the traditional processes were nearing extinction, Obin began designing her own cloth in the mid 1970s. She decided that her pieces would encompass all of the hand craftsmanship of batik, but with a modern twist.

Aesthetically, every BINHouse piece is something to behold. An almost magical juxtaposition between the old and the new, each one of a kind creation has an individual beauty that tells the story of its making. And its making is a labor of love, indeed.

BINHouse scarves are entirely untouched by technology. From the selecting of silk fibers, to the spinning of the yarn, to the handloom weaving and the dying, each step is done by hand by an Indonesian artisan. Each piece takes almost a year to create and passes through the hands of close to 40 different craftsman, some of whom have spent decades mastering their craft.

You would like this designer if you… Enjoy the mix of creating modern luxury with age old tradition. To wear an original BINHouse Indonesia Creation is to wear the culture, history, artistry and love of a people on your shoulders.

I decided that my pieces would encompass all of the hand craftsmanship of batik, but with a modern twist.

- BINHouse Indonesia Creation, Designer

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