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Meet the Brand

In a whimsical and playful endeavor, the Harvey Biddle Hotel becomes a curated realm where these scarves find their home. These scarves are more than just pieces of fabric; they are a canvas for artwork and designs that weave the tale of the imaginary Harvey Biddle Hotel. As you explore its imaginary rooms, hallways, and gardens, let these scarves guide your imagination in breathing life into this eclectic structure.

The artist behind this fusion of art and interior decoration is Melissa Broersma, a chaotic painter with a vision. She has meticulously crafted a collection of scarves. The driving force behind this venture lies in the versatility of a scarf – they can adorn you in countless styles or serve as exquisite wall art when framed.

With a single silk scarf, you can effortlessly elevate a simple outfit to new heights.


You would like this brand if you…are new to the world of luxurious silk scarves and would like a bold accessory at an accessible price-point 

A curated realm where these scarves find their home

- Harvey Biddle Hotel, Designer

Harvey Biddle Hotel

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