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  1. Beyond Scarf is operated under VIENCETRA INC or VIENCETRA. By using or accessing this website or by Posting User Content you agree that VIENCETRA may collect, transfer, store, and otherwise use your personal information, in any jurisdiction it requires, and may disclose such personal information to other third parties for commercial purposes or as required by law and including without limitation for the following purposes:
  • sending you information about our website;
  • confirmation or other communications;
  • processing payments;
  • receiving or providing feedback or comments;
  • providing products or services and for shipping purposes;
  • billing purposes;
  • enforcing this Licensing Agreement;
  • responding to claims of any kind including without limitation infringement of any property or privacy rights;
  • authenticating accounts; or
  • allowing your use of interactive comments, forums, chat rooms, blogs, or posts on the website. 
  1. Although VIENCETRA makes every reasonable effort to provide a secure environment for the collection, transfer, storage and other use of your personal information (including third party processing of any credit card information), VIENCETRA shall not be liable for any damages howsoever arising for the disclosure, invasion, corruption, transfer, publication, or distribution of your personal information and its security howsoever arising. This provision shall survive this Agreement.

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