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Meet the Brand

Like all great things, Roberta Pieri got its brand start from a mother. Brothers Maurizio and Claudio Notolli were inspired by a fashionable mum from a young age and embarked on a high style journey well into adulthood.


Now internationally renown, the brothers put their design efforts in producing quality bags that come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. They do share a few things in common though: these bags are exceptionally durable, are water-resistant, and are incredibly light (to start, before you end up stuffing your life in it)—these bags are essentially perfectly designed with the lady on the go in mind.


Whether you need a fashionable bag that can feature as both your practical gym bag, but won’t look out of place in your next client meeting, Roberta Pieri purses are for you. All Roberta Pieri collections are made in Italy.


You would like this designer if you… favour both function and fashion. These are quality bags made with high end Italian leather. They come in all sorts of sizes to suit your everyday needs.

"We want to create the new quality of Italian products suitable for a modern lifestyle by fusing both worlds of artisan manufacturing and current technology"

- Roberta Pieri, Designer

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