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Meet the Brand

Astrid Sarkissian’s scarves are steeped in tradition. Inspired by ancestral lore of silkworm farming, the young designer acquired an educated appreciation for fine silks and their ability to display colours and design.

Astrid’s eyes were commonly captured by the gargantuan gothic architecture, the rainbow displays of stained glass windows, and the fine, minute details of botany and the natural world.

She honed her artist’s hands at the celebrated Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, and the Ecole nationale des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, and now uses her refined instincts in birthing her creations from her brain onto paper. Astrid’s art and designs are studies of life and death, reflected in the use of light and shadows.
She enjoys working with the concepts of duality by playing with symmetry and pattern twinning.

You would like this designer if you… Enjoy the mix of the organic shapes of nature displayed against the hard lines of geometric patterns and inorganic shapes. Bonus points if you enjoy the philosophical themes behind the design and appreciate displays of contracts.


“The first time I set my eyes on a beautiful pieces of art, I thought “wow” I want to wear that”

- Astrid Sarkissian, Designer

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