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Meet the Brand

The design process for a Sabina Savage scarf takes about a month. She starts with concepts drawn from gallery visits, reference books, and natural inspirations. The design is then painstakingly sketched by hand on a 1.5 meter square piece of paper. While weaving her colours and patterns with expertly composed animal portraits, she refers to her previous pieces, noting colour schemes and themes so that each collection is new, fresh, and unique from the last. It’s a slow and thorough process, but as she learned in her Parisian Couture fashion course, there are no shortcuts to producing something worthwhile.

Like many of our curated designers, Sabina Savage has a keen eye and touch for quality. Her scarves are a production of a signature blend of wool and silk. She relies on digital printing for the sharp pops of colour, and on the artisan textile workers in Como, Italy to manage the production, and provide that hand finished quality for that extra touch.

You would like this designer if you… enjoy animal-themed designs with hyper detail. Bonus for theatrical design effects paired with earthy tones.

We believe in creating pieces that are timeless and always in style.

- Sabina Savage, Designer

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