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Meet the Brand

Ileana Popescu spent 15 years in the marketing industry, moonlighting at times as a freelance illustrator. She finally worked up the confidence and nerve to take the plunge and begin her own line of scarves, and she hasn’t looked back since. Marabeca was established in 2015 and features light, pastel colours, and whimsical drawings that bring to mind childhood fairy tales, and funny moments we all experience in life.

True to the designs, Marabeca’s name is derived from stories of a legendary creature in Sicily. It began as a monster in the wells who snatched wandering children from streets, but over time, Marabeca was known to become more friendly, more satisfied with the everyday wonders of life. In present day, it is known to sport tiny wings, which is uses for enthusiastic bursts of flight throughout the city.

You would like this designer if you… still exercise that childlike wonder in your everyday life, enjoy bright but soft colours, and cute designs are your thing.

Our inspiration comes from an eclectic range of sources: nature patterns, children tales, contemporary trends and funny life moments.

- Marabeca, Designer


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