Introducing Marabeca, a new brand created by Ileana Popescu. Born out of love for creativity, imagination and emotion, out of love for life and its amazing exuberance, Marabeca is a label of fashion accessories, cheerful and relaxed when it comes to composition and colors, but seriously devoted to the highest standards in terms of quality and approach to business. The brand was established in 2015, the first line of accessories comprising only scarves.


Ileana Popescu – the creator of Marabeca – draws the roots from the traditions of her own family from which she inherited her passion for design and architecture. After 15 years of working in marketing and occasionally as a freelance illustrator, she decided to follow her dream and start an accessories line.  She started forming an enthusiastic team and, combining her skills as an artist with the passion for accessories, she is designing scarves. Unique and fun to wear scarves.


The inspiration comes from an eclectic range of sources: nature patterns, children tales, contemporary trends and habits, common objects and funny life moments.   Each design is constructed from layers of original hand drawn images, sketched, penciled, brushed and then mixed and adjusted through modern digital techniques, before being printed on the finest fabrics and finished by craftsmen from the famous region of Como, Italy.  Each scarf has a strong individual composition by illustrating through colorful images an original and suggestive story. There is no traditional symmetry or common repeating patterns, so the eyes will wonder for minutes before discovering all the graphical details, the intriguing hues and the whole story behind every scarf. The pieces can be draped and worn differently each time, as every design offers unique perspectives when the story unfolds and different vivid colors are revealed


Marabeca appreciates craftsmanship so all the scarves are produced in Como, Lombardy – the northern region of Italy famous for many of the finest textile companies in the world. The highest quality materials and processes are used and all scarves are carefully finished and checked.


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