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Wear the Bow Tie - Be the Bow Tie

Wear the Bow Tie - Be the Bow Tie
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We love you for your quick wit, your kind heart and your ability to hold your own in an intellectual conversation with our girlfriends.

...And we also love it when you wear that suit.

With wedding season fast approaching, it’s time to dust off your best springtime suit. To make it feel new, polish up your favorite brown shoes and treat yourself to a new tie.
Bow tie and scarf for men, Beyond Scarf Calgary

And whether you want to look good for your lady, impress that incredible bridesmaid who just got her Doctorate, or you just want to feel fresh, we have just the thing for you.

We know that you need a tie that reflects your charm and charisma. One that says, “Hey, I’m a classic gentleman but also a modern stud.”

The best way to do that? A Bow Tie with a twist. We know that bow ties aren’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea, but look, it’s 2017! This is a year to be bold.

For our clean cut men looking to show off a little bit, put a spin on the age old penguin look with a little bit of color and a little bit of edge. Astrid Sarkissians Silk Satin Bow Tie with a leather neck strap should do the trick.

Bow Tie in Calgary, Beyond Scarf


And for our cool, laid back dudes who can’t help but brighten up the room, we’ve got just the thing for you to add a little bit of romantic whimsy to your best friends wedding. Sport one of Helen Ruth’s fairytale inspired prints around that handsome neck of yours and feel the love!

All of our bow ties are pre-tied with an adjustable neck strap and handmade with the highest quality fabrics. Only the best for our guys!

Visit our bow ties collections here.


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