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Spring & Summer 2021 - Night Out

Spring & Summer 2021 - Night Out
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Dine-in with friends is finally allowed again in Alberta, and what better way to celebrate than having a fancy dinner and a night out?! Whether it’s date night or girls’ night, we got you covered! For this theme, we went for more upscale, elegant looks. We don’t know about you, but we are super excited to finally have a reason to dress up again, so of course we’re going all out! And even if you’re not ready to go out and would rather order a nice dinner in, there’s no reason why you cannot dress up for yourself and set the mood. Dressing up is also about feeling great in your skin!

This monochromatic look is absolutely perfect for a fancy dinner. Even late spring/early summer nights can get quite chilly with how windy Calgary is, so having a large scarf to wrap around your shoulders is a great way to make a beautiful accessory have a functional purpose. This is an easy look, with just four pieces once again. Despite that, this outfit will look quite elaborate as the dress, scarf, and handbag each have beautiful details that will definitely draw the eye. As always, you don’t need a lot to look amazing, as long as your clothes are well-fitted and match each other well.

Dress: Veronica Beard

Bag: Tory Burch

Shoes: Steve Madden

Scarf: Astrid Sarkissian

Or you could go the other way and accessorise your outfit all the way! It’s really those that make our second night out outfit shine. The base is simple, which really works here as it acts as a canvas or backdrop for the scarf, bag, and earrings. The materials complement each other well, and leather is very trendy at the moment, which gives this a modern, chic, and sexy touch. We added in golden accents with an ornate Sabina Savage silk ribbon, beautiful jewellery, a silk clutch, and some statement shoes that will really stand out against the black — and in turn make you stand out!

Top: Reiss

Skirt: Club Monaco

Shoes: Versace

Scarf: Sabina Savage

Earrings: Enora Antoine

Bag: Pierangelo Masciadri (Available in-store only at Beyond Scarf)



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