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Spring & Summer 2021 - Garden Party Looks

Spring & Summer 2021 - Garden Party Looks
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Welcome back to our blog for our second style guide of the season! This time, we’re focusing on garden events — late spring/early summer is the perfect time of the year for high tea with your friends or a nice lunch party outside with your family. Of course, it’s also patio season in Calgary, and our outfits would also be great for going out to restaurants, but we’re going to have an entire blog post dedicated to brunch in the future (so stay tuned for that! 😉)

            Like with our previous blog post about casual wear for home, we made sure to pick comfortable pieces for our garden event styles, but this time we’ve upped the ‘chic’ factor, especially with our second look. This way, we’re giving you inspiration for the more casual garden parties as well as dressier ones where you want to dress to impress. These two looks are classy, but also fun and definitely not stuffy. We’ve chosen light, airy pieces that are ideal for being out in the sun. Just don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!


This look radiates good mood! The bright dress, the light jean jacket, and the cotton-linen headband are all very trendy pieces that work perfectly together. Add in a pair of delicate handcrafted shoes, and you’re done. It’s a simple look, with just four elements, but sometimes simple is all you need. Thanks to the jean jacket and headband, this look is great for those spring days that are slightly less warm days, or if there’s a bit of a breeze outside. It’s very versatile, and you can dress it up or down as you wish.

Dress: Anthropologie

Jacket: Gap

Headband: Helen Ruth

Shoes: Donnatella Brunello and Antonio Barbato Maestri Veneziani


Our second outfit boasts some serious nautical vibes and would be just as appropriate for a party on a yacht as it is for a garden party, honestly. This is in large part due to the white and blue striped shirt and the Ancre scarf from Astrid Sarkissian, inspired by her childhood visits to the beach. Paired with some simple loafers and some wide leg trousers, this look has us ready for a day spent doing nothing but eating and looking fabulous. And of course, a trusty tote from Roberta Pieri to carry all your essentials in the most stylish way!

Top: J. Crew 

Trousers: Tibi Stella

Shoes: Coach

Scarf: Astrid Sarkissian

Bag: Roberta Pieri



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