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Oh La Lookbook!

Oh La Lookbook!
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A lookbook is a collection of photos that is meant to put a brand’s new collection on display in a way that truly represents who they are. It’s showing off products in the way the designer has always intended for them to be seen.

Of course, it’s no secret that they are typically used as a marketing tool. A way to appeal to the sensual shopper. To put a story behind each and every product. But at Beyond Scarf it means more to us than that.

It is our way of connecting with you on a personal level. It is letting you into the mind of Vinda,  the woman who created the brand, making her vision into a physical, tangible thing.

And because we are a small start-up company, people don’t always necessarily expect the level of luxury we’re selling. Our lookbooks are a way to show just how much we have to offer and how truly passionate we are about our products. More than selling, they are about sharing, so that you can appreciate the beauty of our goods  just as much as we do!

Vinda’s ideas for the lookbooks come on spontaneously, almost magically. Her first lookbook was classic and straightforward. Created with the help of photographer Elisabeth Menguy and Chloe, a model from Yen Talent, she incorporated some of her own photos with some from the designers to display the first of the collections Beyond Scarf was offering.

She got a little more creative with her second lookbook, designing what looked like a collection of postcards. She hired Scott Prince from Amplified Story and an aspiring model named Jasmine to help her bring her vision to life. Simple, clean and with a dark background, they were the perfect way to showcase the detail and color of her additional collections.

For her third and most recent lookbook, Vinda wanted to make something that resembled a folded brochure. Abandoning the use of the designers photos and exclusively using her own, this lookbook truly and totally showcases the designs from the perspective of Beyond Scarf.

Together with stylist Kara Chomistek, photographer Jason Eng, hair and makeup artist, Nickol Walkemeyer and model Carly Jade from Nobel Management (some of the best in the fashion business in Calgary,) Beyond Scarf was quickly able to pull together our most exciting lookbook yet… and it’s all ours!

And we want to share it with you. Our vision, our beautiful luxury products and our passion and love for this project.

Head over to our Facebook page to watch a behind the scenes video of the making of our lookbook!



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