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How to Rock A Scarf Like A Street Style Superstar

How to Rock A Scarf Like A Street Style Superstar
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Color and print and flare, oh my! While there are countless things we love about scarves, perhaps the reason it’s our very favorite accessory is because of their unequivocal versatility.

There is no shortage of ways to change up your look when you’ve got a good scarf on hand. You can tie it pretty much anywhere and take your look to the next level. Whether you want glam, casual, preppy or funky, here’s how to rock a scarf like celebrity street style queen!

The Pattern Play

One of the funnest parts about fashion is mixing textures and patterns. Juxtaposition is the new matchy-matchy! And here, Heidi Klum fits a sleek leather jacket and a funky printed scarf together seamlessly. Try out your favorite classic jacket with a bold print for a fresh look.

Idea Heidi Klum

The Pop of Color

There’s no denying that black is always, always fabulous. But sometimes you might try breaking it up with a little pop of color. Olivia Palermo does it like a star by adding a hint of blue to her edgy ripped jeans and moto jacket.

Idea Olivia Polermo

The Ascot

Does anyone do timeless elegance better than Anna Wintour? She has got that classic Chanel look down to a T. If you’re one of those lucky ladies who can pull off prep in a street style setting, dress up your white tee with an adorable ascot.

Idea Anna Wintour

The Belt

If you’re more boho than prep, take that same scarf and loop it through your jeans for a hip as hell belt. Pair it with your best floppy hat and strut. This is what street style blogs are made of!

Idea scarf as belt

The Headscarf

Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of vintage glamour. The scarf, the shades, that enviable convertible! Dare to step out of your comfort zone with a fun, printed headscarf. Pair it with you’re best flare jeans and a classic trench for a mod look that is sure to turn heads.

Idea as head scarf

The Handbag Changeup

I told you they were versatile, didn’t I? Make any handbag like new by tying your favorite scarf in a sweet bow around the straps. It’s your pop or color, your pattern play and your “is that a new bag?” all in one!

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  • Dam: May 25, 2018

    Great style. I didn’t know your website. I was looking for streetwear and few tips. Until now I found only a few websites like that propose many good stuff but I will check out your propositions right now.
    Sorry for my english (I am french)
    Keep going your thing.

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