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Duet | The Scarf Factory: Creating Harmony

Duet | The Scarf Factory: Creating Harmony
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The coming together of two worlds is always a beautiful thing. And Duet the Scarf Factory’s designs are no exception! 

Joining the influences of a French stylist with the technique of an expert Indian embroiderer, Duet the Scarf Factory has created a fusion that flirts with Indian tradition and Parisian flair. Spanning across generations, cultures and continents, Marie Héléne Gautier and Tanvi Kejriwal have created a brand unlike any other that is designed for citizens of the world.Inclusivity knows no bounds at Duet. Even their collections cover all the bases. With resort inspired looks for summer and a more refined look in the winter, they recognize that personal style can be eclectic. Created in a large format so that they can be easily wrapped around a multitude of ensambles, these colorful, luxury accessories are only made from the finest wool, silk and cotton.

Duet plays with the modernity of digital printing and the traditionality of ancient embroidery creating an unequivocally original and exquisitely detailed piece of art every time. 

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