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Cufflinks in Calgary: Introducing Marlín Birna

Cufflinks in Calgary: Introducing Marlín Birna
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We’re so pleased to introduce a new addition to the Beyond Scarf brand, Marlín Birna. This label originates from London, UK and Reykjavik, Iceland. Known for her unique and creative designs, it was a perfect fit for the men's style section of Beyond Scarf.

The inspiration behind Marlín’s collection comes from nature and its organic elegance. She’s begun to carve a niche for herself by introducing natural elements into each of her designs. Each piece introduces a unique twist and features wonderful vibrant colours and textures. She uses Atlantic fish leather which adds a sustainable element to her jewellery.

Cufflinks & Materials

We’ll be carrying Marlín’s coveted selection of cufflinks that have been curated by the Beyond Scarf team. You can be sure that each of these pieces is cultivated with top-quality. No two pieces are alike, making them as rare and unique as a fingerprint.

We’ve selected three metal tons - black, silver and gold. Each of the pieces is plated on stainless steel and polished to perfection. This means that they hold a nice weight and aren’t flimsy. They’re truly a piece meant for forever.

Atlantic Salmon Leather Cufflinks: Black-Tone with Blue/Blue Metallic: Shop Here

Atlantic Salmon Leather Cufflinks: Silver-Tone with Blue/Silver MetallicShop Here

Atlantic Salmon Leather Cufflinks: Gold-Tone with Black/Gold MetallicShop Here


How to Wear

These pieces are the perfect accessory for any outfit. They truly can help dress up a casual men's look or add the finishing touch to an amazing suit jacket. Wear them on the go from the office to after-hours drinks with colleagues.

Atlantic Salmon Leather Cufflinks: Silver-Tone with Black/Silver MetallicShop Here

“Each pair offers its own vibe, making it easy to want two or three sets.”
- Neal H., Actuary

Atlantic Salmon Leather Cufflinks: Silver-Tone with Blue/Blue MetallicShop Here

Atlantic Salmon Leather Cufflinks: Black-Tone with Blue/Blue MetallicShop Here

Marlín Birna X Beyond Scarf

We know our clientele have been asking for more men's options for a while, and we’ve been listening. As you know, at Beyond Scarf, our goal is to provide pieces that are truly unique and exciting. 

The introduction of Marlín Birna is just the beginning of our unique men's line here at Beyond Scarf and we couldn’t be more excited. Marlín Birna hits the mark for being unique, high-quality and highly coveted. You can shop these cufflinks at our Calgary flagship store or online here. If you want to visit Marlín Birna's website, you can click here.

Welcome to the Beyond Scarf family, Marlín Birna!

Cufflinks shot in Calgary by Orein Ferdinandus (@orein2727).


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