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9 Ways to Wear a Scarf

9 Ways to Wear a Scarf
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A scarf is one of the most versatile pieces in any wardrobe. The patterns, textures and materials are endless. The combinations and computations, endless. Your scarves don’t shrink in the wash or head off on a weekend giveaway without you. They never judge you when you eat that extra cookie out of the cookie jar. And above all they don’t ever go out of style.

 We reached out to our Beyond Scarf Community to gather your thoughts and ideas about different ways to play up your scarf in any season. Listen up as we’re about to tell you our top 9 unique ways to wear a scarf (that’s not just around your neck.)

#1: Around your Wrist

scarf_around_wrist  scarf_around_wrist_2  scarf_around_wrist_3

Ideally this works best with a neckerchief or thin scarf such to not carry so much bulk. Try swapping out your jewelry for a short, silk scarf that feels delightful on your skin.

#2: As a Belt

scarf_as_belt  scarf_as_belt_2 

Psst this is a trick our mother’s passed onto us when you don’t have a belt. But, what better way to give a little bit of oomf to your outfit. Wear with skirts, pants or dresses!

 #3: As a Hair Band

scarf_as_hair_band  scarf_as_hair_band_2  

 A chic-bohemian’s dream. Incorporate your scarf into your hair on the days you want to dress up a drab ponytail (or hide the fact that you haven’t washed your hair in 1-too-many days.)

 #4: On a Purse or Bag

scarf_on_bag  scarf_on_bag_2  

Channel the Hermes-inspired look by brightening up an old bag with a beautiful scarf. The added touch will have heads turning.

 #5: Around your ankle

scarf_around_ankle  scarf_around_ankle_2  scarf_around_ankle_3

One of the most not-thought-of places to wear your scarf. Swap out your dingy anklet for a patterned scarf. Dress up denim with this added detail or pair with a pair of chic wide-legged culottes.

 #6: As a Shawl

scarf_as_shawl  scarf_as_shawl_2 scarf_as_shawl_3

An all-season favourite for crisp summer nights and cozy winter mornings. This look is loved by effortlessly glamorous women everywhere.

#7: As a Choker

scarf_as_choker  scarf_as_choker_2  scarf_as_choker_3

We adore this look. This look takes minimal effort and always ends up looking like you spent an extra hour getting ready in the morning.

#8: As a Bun Holder

scarf_as_bun  scarf_as_bun_holder_1  scarf_as_bun_holder_3

Ran out of elastics or feeling like it’s time to ditch the scrunchie for the mature version? Simply put your hair in a bun, tie your scarf around it taught and walk out the door.

#9: As a Top

Scarf_as_top  scarf_as_top_1  scarf_as_top_2

Turn your favourite scarf into beach or festival ready attire by making a diy top from your scarf.

Have you tried any of these looks? Let us know! We hope you enjoyed our top 9 favourite ways to wear a scarf. Be sure to check out our curated selection of scarves here.

- The Beyond Scarf Team 

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