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Favourites for Spring

Favourites for Spring
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The warmer weather we’ve been having lately is getting us excited for spring fashions, so we decided to round up our favourites in anticipation of the season to come. Check out our list below and let us know on Facebook if you agree with the choices.


  • Don’t Count Your Chic

While it’s was certainly the bright pops of purples and pinks that first caught our eye, it’s the scarf’s versatility that made us fall in love with this new piece. Wear it around your neck, on the strap of your bag or as a head band for a fresh urban chic look this spring and summer.

  • Titania

Truly a work of art, the intricate details of this scarf will have you finding something new in its fantasy woodland every time you look at it. We also love the shape which allows you to wear it in a variety of ways depending on the look you’re going for.



  • Notredame


A nod to Paris, France, this scarf with dark hues, sharp edges and deep shades of blues and burgundies is reminiscent of Gothic and Baroque architecture. We think it looks equally great with jeans and a plain t-shirt, or a suit and a spring overcoat.



  • Mith White

Perfect for spring and summer, this scarf was inspired by the architectural masterpieces of the nineteenth century. But what we really love about it is the bright shades of red and yellow that are fun for the warmer months and looks great when paired with rich navy blues for a nautical look.


  • Long Vermin

While it’s not common to be excited about Vermin, there’s something about this scarf that we can’t help but love. The strong blacks and bold jewel tones draw us in while the cockroach gives it a powerful edge. We also love that the sheen of the silk has the ability to dress up any look.


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