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Marabeca: From to Doodles to Dreams

Marabeca: From to Doodles to Dreams
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Ileana Popescu made her dream come to life with a doodle.

A couple of pencil sketches and a lovely idea later, the long term marketing mogul and lifelong creative found a way to make her art wearable. She would combine her business savvy and artistic talents to create Marabeca: a wonderfully whimsical line of finely crafted scarves.


Founded in 2014, Marabeca has magic and illusion stitched into every bit of it.  The name of the company itself was inspired by the Sicilian legend of a mystical, once-evil, well-dwelling beast named Marabecca who, somewhere down the line, grew a kind heart, sprouted a pair of too small wings and started donning a goofy grin.

With a label rooted in a tale so fantastically kooky, it’s no surprise that the designs follow suit. Magnificently colored, the scarves feature hand-drawn cartoons that whisper of a love affair between Alice in Wonderland and Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas. Each design, contemporary and individual, tells a unique and relevant story with an air of childlike wonder.


As if  Popescu’s creative vision weren’t impressive enough, the technique and craftsmanship with which her scarves are constructed remains unparallelled. Created with layers of hand-crafted cartoons, sketched, penciled, brushed then digitally mixed, the imaginative designs are then printed on the highest quality fabrics by master craftsmen in Northern Italy, an area famous for their unprecedented textile production.

Each Marabeca scarf can be worn with the same creative spirit with which it was designed. Straying away from symmetry and repeating patterns, you can create endless new looks by finding different ways to drape the fabric. Pair it with any outfit to put a pop of magic in your day.


And my very favorite detail; Each scarf comes with it’s own story card to give it a little burst of life and prove that it most certainly is made with love.

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