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Interview with Designer Astrid Sarkissian

Interview with Designer Astrid Sarkissian
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The core of our company comes from the creativity of our designers. We’re constantly inspired by their ability to start with an idea and bring it to life.

Our Founder first met Astrid in 2014 at a buying show that showcased independent accessory designers. After seeing her designs, she couldn’t stop thinking about them.

The design, the color and the luxurious silk made each piece so striking. Her ability to combine and create pieces that exuberated edgy, dark, and elegant while remaining feminine and sensual (at the same time) is hard to capture in words. She knew right away she had to meet and carry this designer.

Just like her designs, Astrid is a bright and talented designer. She’s friendly and fun to talk to and has a tendency of making you hang onto every word she says. She's been recognized by Italian Vogue, and has received several awards. Our founder didn’t know Astrid’s personal story and accomplishments when she first saw the designs. Her designs were what attracted us, and her story and person captivated us.

In 2014, Astrid Sarkissian’s designs became apart of Beyond Scarf’s first curated selection of pieces. And they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. You can consider Astrid a lifetime asset to who we are as a brand and the values that we hold.

We sat down with Astrid to get a deeper look into her, her studio and her process.

What is your name? 

Where are you from and where do you currently live? 
I am from France, and I currently live between Paris, London and New York.

What is one thing interesting / unique / quirky about you? 
I am always trying new ideas and always have a lot of different projects going on. I’m constantly inspired by things around me which triggers the creative process. I’m always the one trying new things.

Who is your favourite artist?
Louis Bourgeois, I love her work and her reflection about life.

Tell us a bit about your life before becoming a designer.
Before I became a designer, I graduated from Central Saint Martins in London and then I’ve completed a MA in Paris at l’Ecole des Arts Décoratifs. After I graduated, I decided that I wanted to create my own collection that encompassed a range of silk scarves. I wanted to create something between Parisian elegance and the extravagance of British art schools.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I draw my inspirations from a wide range of areas. It’s everything from the gigantism of baroque and gothic architectures, all the way to nature and contemporary art.  I love shapes, colors, contrasts and rich patterns. 

What materials do you use and why? Tell us a bit about your design process

I start drawing on paper:  roses, mosaics, abstract patterns and silhouettes. My method is similar to that of creating a real painting that would hang out the wall. Originally I start in black and white, then I digitize them. My absolute favourite part is the coloring. I’m inspired by precious stones, from the icy blue of the aquamarine to the vibrant pink of the topaz. I work directly on the computer or with my water color palette on separate paper.

Tell us a bit about your manufacturing process and why you chose to produce that way.
Each scarf is hand-finished in Como, Italy. Some pieces are embroidered right in my Paris workshop.

What is your favourite detail of your pieces? 
The logo at the corner of the scarf with my profile!

A huge thank you to Astrid for letting us learn more about her life and practice of a designer.

To view Astrid Sarkissian pieces, click here. To read more about Astrid, visit her website

All photos are with credit to Astrid Sarkissian.

- The Beyond Scarf Team


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