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Something's Missing - Original Watercolour Painting
Something's Missing - Original Watercolour Painting

Something's Missing - Original Watercolour Painting


Dimension: 29 cm x 24 cm (11.5" x 9.5"), Custom Framed

Original paintings are meant to last longer than a lifetime, so artist Brittney Tough invests in high quality materials and top of the line professional grade paint and paper. Beyond that, she has researched the colours of her palette to ensure that they are lightfast and permanent, making longevity a priority.  Each painting is signed on the back of the painting and with an embossed signature on the front. The subtlety of the embossed watermark identifies the originality of each piece and maintains a focus on the artwork itself rather than the signature. 

The frame is part of the art. This watercolour is painted on paper and carefully trimmed into a unique shape, so naturally the frame is customized to each shape and size. This is a labour intensive process. The edges of the painting need to be flush with the frame to create an illusion. Measurements, cuts and mounting are required to be precise. The painting is float mounted on a white mat background which means you can see the edges of the paper and a drop shadow, bringing a 3 dimensional perspective to the work. The custom frame protects the painting under anti-reflective glass which means you won’t see any distracting reflections. Alongside the permanent paints Brittney uses, the UV protective coating on the glass acts as double protection from fading due to exposure to sunlight. This painting is framed in a simple white frame with clean edges to create a fresh modern look.

Please note that original paintings are only available for pickup at our store on 17th Ave SW, Calgary, AB, Canada. Please use the chat function or email us at for all inquiries.

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