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Printing Technique

Screen Printing

Screen printing, the most widely used printing method for textiles today, is conducted by using a mesh to transfer ink onto fabric. A squeegee is pressed across the screen, forcing ink into the mesh openings and onto the textile. This method utilizes extremely durable inks that come in an array of vivid colors and can be used for outdoor use as well. Screen printing can be conducted on a wide variety of materials, making it an optimal choice for fashion apparel and accessories.


Digital Printing

Digital printing is an ink jet-based method for printing colors and designs onto textiles. An increasingly popular mode of printing, digital printing features a host of advantages, including less chemical waste and lower water and power consumption. Furthermore, the process can produce large repeat sizes and has the ability to create a greater variety of designs such as vibrant color palettes, engineered prints and photoreal imagery. Many of our scarves feature designs that have been hand-drawn or painted by the artist, and are then digitally rendered and printed directly onto the textile using a digital printing process.

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