How to store your scarf

Keeping your Beyond Scarf accessory beautiful often depends on how you care for it, including how you store it. Prior to storing your scarf for a season, be sure to have it cleaned. Store your scarf in a box that you receive when you purchase scarves from Beyond Scarf.  Alternatively, you can do these following:

Silk Scarves

1. Simply wrap your scarf around an old paper towel roll and tied loosely with ribbon on the ends to hold the scarf in place.

2. Alternatively, you can wrap your scarf in tissue paper and placing it in a Ziploc bag for it to keep its colour.

Wool & Cashmere

1. Store your wool and cashmere scarves in a cool area, with enough space between items for each scarf to breathe.

2. It is also wise to wrap your scarf in tissue paper, then placing it in a Ziploc bag. From there, store it in a closet to keep it away from light, dust, and dampness.

3. Do not hang your scarf up. It is best to fold and place flat when storing it.

4. Additionally, having cedar chips or mothballs near the bag will deter bugs and moths from trying to eat your scarf. If you do not like the smell of cedar or mothballs, lavender sachets will work just as well.

Have a tried and true practice for storing your scarf? Let us know and we'll share your tips to help others keep their scarves in tip-top shape.