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Antonio Barbato

The shoes collection is the marriage of the two brands Donnatella Brunello and Antonio Barbato Maestri Veneziani. The collaboration of these two Venetian companies dedicated to the production of high-end handbags and ladies' shoes.

The creative genius of this project stems from the ability to transform thought into matter, shaped to achieve the sublimation of the work of art. 

The products are beyond the traditional conceptual and aesthetic definitions, thanks to unusual and elaborate juxtapositions, associating fashion and design in the pursuit of the poetry.

All of the creations are made from high quality leather, precious fabrics and velvet, as well as damasks and goblins, selected with a peculiar attention. 

“We take care that the quality of our workmanship gives the highest added value to our creations, deserving the definition of "Made in Italy" par excellence” ~ Donnatella Brunello and Antonio Barbato Maestri Veneziani

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