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Delphinus wears a string of golden stars and carries with him a Kithara, the stringed musical instrument of the poet, Arion. Below Delphinus is depicted a wooden trireme, an ancient Greek seafaring vessel, inspired by those described in the Homeric epic, The Iliad.
Dancing Delphinus Neckerchief/Pocket Square

Dancing Delphinus Neckerchief/Pocket Square


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So, Delphinus is escorted on his final journey through the wine-coloured sea by the subjects of Poseidon, the earth shaker, and he is accompanied by the haunting song of the sirens. Sweet-footed Thetis dives to gather the spoils of the sea and the finest mortal-made gifts the depths have to offer, for she brings vessels and statues, and coins from every corner of the land. And from the shores of Delphi, a hollow ship leads the way towards Mt. Olympus, steered by the Oceanids, and they string gentle Delphinus with the gift of a beautifully wrought golden Kithara to take to his new home amongst the stars.

Material: 100% Silk

Colour: Mango/Muscari

Size: 42 x 42 cm

Hand rolled edging

Made in England

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